About our athletes

SDSM athletes come from a wide range of sports, both as professionals and top age-group competitors. Athlete patients range from 30 - 50 years old and come to Greg for a variety of reasons. "I know a lot of athletes, cyclists and triathletes that need help", Bourque says. "People want to be treated by someone who can relate to them and is healthy".

  • Our athletes share a passion for sports
  • Our athletes live with the pursuit of excellence
  • Our athletes share a commitment to the intellectual process as well as the emotional connection to discipline
  • Our athletes constantly strive for knowlege of and access to the best in health care

Every athlete is a champion for taking responsibility for their own health.

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Our Athlete Patients

Mac Brown
Mac Brown. Professional Triathlete
"Greg Bourque is by far the best acupuncturist I have been to in San Diego. I have had a handful of injuries over the last 6 months and Greg has been able to correctly treat each one with pinpoint accuracy. I highly recommend Greg to anybody in Southern California." More about Mac
Josh Cox
Josh Cox. Ultra Marathon Runner
"You're the best in the biz. One treatment and my foot was healed, that's therapy at its best!" More about Josh
Chris Horner
Chris Horner. Professional Cyclist
"I chose Greg Bourque because I needed a practitioner that I was 100% confident could help me. The pain was significantly reduced right after the first treatment. By session five there was no longer an injury." More about Chris
Jacob Erker
Jacob Erker. Professional Cyclist
"After years of racing and miles on the bike in all conditions nothing works better to keep me in the race than acupuncture by Greg. Thanks for allowing me to suffer...in a good way!" More about Jacob
Katya Meyers
Katya Meyers. Professional Triathlete
"After a nagging achilles injury sidelined me from running for several weeks, I finally consulted with Greg. Two acupuncture sessions and only a matter of days later, I was running pain free." More about Katya
Dustin Molicki
Dustin Molicki. Olympic Speedskater
"I wrecked my knee - Greg fixed it. I wrecked my back - Greg fixed it. I wrecked my car - Greg didn't help." More about Dustin
Emilio DeSoto
Emilio DeSoto. Elite Triathlete
"Greg has helped me for many years with acupuncture for injuries, stress, and even after surgery. His incredible knowledge combined with his kind and caring demeanor is unmatched. We in San Diego are lucky to have him here." More about Emilio
Julia Bradley
Julia Bradley. Professional Track Cyclist
"After crashing hard on the track 6 weeks before the Canadian National Track Championships, I thought my season was over. Greg lifted my spirits in the early days of my crash and was part of the team that helped fix me up, contributing to my silver medal performance in the 3000 metre Individual Pursuit. Thank you!" More about Julia
Paul Healing
Paul Healing. Personal Trainer
"As an athlete who constantly needs to be on top of his game, I have found that Greg is an amazing asset to have in the bag. Accupuncture is a vital part of training recovery and good health." More about Paul
Heather Jackson
Heather Jackson. Professional Triathlete
""Greg is the best treatment out there, whether it's for an injury or just maintenance of your overall health. When I was training for both triathlon and Track Cycling nationals, I was switching between bikes a lot and experienced a nagging hamstring issue. One visit to Greg and it was gone. He was so good, I kept going to see him." More about Heather
Ryan Trebon
Ryan Trebon. Professional Mtb Cyclist
"Thanks for the great massage before the Sea Otter. Legs felt great." More about Ryan
Bill Borsack
Bill Borsack. Orthopedic Specialist
"As an Orthopedic & Sports Rehabilitation Specialist, I have worked with several MT's, Acupuncturist etc. but the first person I always call is Greg. What can I say other than 'Greg knows his stuff," More about Bill
Mike Reilly
Mike Reilly. The Voice of Ironman
"Greg is a master at helping heal any part of the body. As much as I travel, workout and work on long Ironman days he keeps me up and running. I wouldn't be able to go as hard as I do all year long without Greg keeping me together!" More about Mike
luke dragstra
Luke Dragstra. Professional Triathlete
"Greg is not only a great accupucturist, he can do it all. The fact that he has experienced so many injuries from riding his bike helps him diagnose problems and give appropriate treatment. Beyond that, Greg comes from the greatest country in the world, and has great taste in music!" More about Luke